POLYKOLOR is the creative moniker of the director Jerzy M. Dytkiewicz
and the cinematoghrapher bastien loiseau.



At Polykolor are willing to take up new challenges, we are open to non-standard projects

and out-of-box ideas. Our goal is to create films which will both bring about emotions and build the brand image.


Jurek Dytkiewicz

about us

Polykolor is the moniker of the team created by two filmmakers: the director Jerzy Dytkiewicz and the cinematographer Bastien Loiseau. 


Jurek Dytkiewicz is an experienced director who specializes in food films and tabletop commercials. He is constantly seeking for new directions for his development. He has a head full of great ideas and unconventional approach for the storytelling. He is a perfectionist when it comes to dealing with details. He likes to experiment with new solutions, to create sophisticated camera movements, to use interesting tricks and to combine them with a nonstandard camera point of view. Passionate about his work.


Bastien is a French cinematographer who’s been living and working in Poland for 10 years. His rich and versatile reel includes both advertising and artistic projects. He makes every single frame look perfectly refined and complement the story being told. Bastien has a great experience which he has gained working in local and international productions. He has been acknowledged a lot for his style, approach to his work and his professionalism. 

 what we offer

Dytkiewicz & Loiseau work as an independent director-cinematographer team. Thanks to the perfect combination of their competence and personalities they make a great team which brings a lot of their new execution ideas to every production they are involved in. Their main intention is to tell a story which will create an impactful movie and this way connect people to the brand. They are a professional tandem open to any kind of cooperation.


Polykolor can offer professional film base including a spacious film studio, phantom flex and arri alexa cameras, lighting equipment and all other indispensable tools.


Polykolor can offer complete in-house services. Such solution facilitates and accelerates the production process as well as allows flexibility when it comes to the production costs.

our MOTTO 

Always in good taste, but not always about the food!





Jurek +48 504 060 039

Bastien +48 790 517 280


Polykolor Film Studio

Łączyny 4, 02-820 Warszawa





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